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The contents of this material are neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy an interest in any securities or investment products. The information contained herein does not constitute an offer or solicitation in any jurisdiction in which such offer or solicitation would be illegal. Such offer or solicitation may only be taken into action throughout the delivery of the corresponding prospectus or any other offering documents previously authorized by the relevant Mexican regulators. YaaX Capital (“YaaX” or the “Manager”) and/or the Funds (as herein defined) reserve the right to modify any of the terms hereof.


The information contained herein is being furnished to prospective investors to consider an investment in YaaX Capital (the “Fund”). The information contained herein is strictly privileged and confidential and may not be reproduced or disclosed in whole or in part to any third parties without the previous written consent of the Manager. In making an investment decision, prospective investors must rely on their own examination of the Fund and the Manager, including the merits and risks involved. Prospective investors should not construe the contents hereof as legal, tax, investment, or other advice.


No representation or warranty is being or may be construed as having been made herein as to the future investment performance of the Fund and/or the Manager.

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About Us

YaaX Capital, founded in 2018, is a multi-stage Venture Capital Fund based out of Mexico City led by a seasoned team of professionals. YaaX's investment philosophy is centered around partnerships, and having long term successful relationships with entrepreneurs we invest in. The partners believe management teams are the most important asset in a company and that success takes hard work, dedication and sheer perseverance. The fund's overarching strategy centers around leveraging the fund's network and esteemed group of advisors to reach the best investment decisions with an eye toward helping portfolio companies develop in Mexico.

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